Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Gift for Linette

My friend Linette celebrated her birthday on September 25th. I was a little late in getting a birthday package off to her, but I finally got it in the mail to her on the 6th. She finally got it today.

I guess the package went on vacation to Canada before it finally made its way to her in France. I'm so relieved that it finally reached her.

Here is what I stitched for her

Thank you for paying me a visit. I've been a pretty poor blogger lately. I just have not had the desire to post.

I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather and perhaps some pre-Christmas stitching and crafting.


Becky K in OK said...

Love your giftie for Linette. I noticed you hadn't been blogging. Some days are just like that.

Deb said...

I think that Linette is going to love what you've made for her. It's very sweet.

staci said...

That is a lovely gift for your friend...I'm sure she loves it!

Nice to see a post from you. Hang in there {{hugs}}

ohiofarmgirl said...

I so love that pattern...it just says fall, doesn't it. Dianntha

BeckySC said...

What a sweet gift from the SWEETEST person :)
(((((hugs and love)))))))

Nicola said...

That's a lovely gift Julianne, such a gorgeous colour thread that you've used.

When it comes to blogging I've felt just like you with no inclination to post either. I've even thought about deleting my blog but my husband has persuaded me not to.

I know too that I owe you an e-mail, have been busy stitching my YLPS exchange last week, but am hoping to be in touch with you very soon. Sorry to be so long in doing so.

Julie said...

Lovely little gift for your friend

I think a lot of stitchers are feeling the same right now

{big hug}

Suzanne said...

This is a lovely gift! I saw the Halloween long pillow you stitched using the top border of When Witches Go Riding. I did the same thing at the same time, but can't show photos until my exchange person receives it.

Lisa said...

Beautiful finish!
I guess its that time of the year when bloggers have soo much else to think about that the blogs get left behind. I know I have really only been blogging about exchanges sent and received and thats about it.
Keep up your lovely work though, I love visiting to see what you have finished recently.

Anonymous said...

kisses et thank you very mutch