Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rabbits and An Exchange

I'd like to introduce two rabbits that recently came to live with me. They were brought to life by my talented friend Arcadia in France who lovingly cut, sewed, and stuffed them. She then dressed them in finery by sewing beautiful clothing for them. They are so lovely.

Thank you my dear friend for making them for me.

The weather here in northern California was very windy and chilly last Saturday but the sun was shining. I ventured outdoors to take these pictures and included the pinkeep that I made for the SBEBB Spring House exchange for Susan. The rabbit on the left is one that my daughter has had since early childhood. The other rabbits are the ones that Arcadia made for me.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope the rest of the week goes well for you.

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Hip to Be Square

I mailed out my first round with Vonna's Fair and Square Group. This is such a fun group. Thanks so much Vonna for running it. I enjoy the fact that we can send an unfinished item. It sure makes for a quick exchange.

My partner Suzanne told me that she likes French designs. Arcadia has given me several L' R de Rien charts so I chose to stitch Miniature Poulette.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you all have a pleasant, stitch-filled weekend.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Don't You Love To Surprise A Friend?

As stitchers in this blogging/cyberspace community we have the opportunity to stitch fun surprises for friends that we haven't actually met face to face. Let's face it, not everyone we know appreciates the time and effort that goes into our beloved craft. But a fellow stitcher, well that's another story. She or he not only loves the finished product, but also has firsthand knowledge of the gift of ourselves that we put into every stitch.

Most of you are familiar withVonna through her blog and her Fair and Square group. She is a truly lovely lady who I admire a great deal. When I was browsing the web, I came across a lovely victorian style alphabet. I thought that the letter V was especially nice and thus my "plan of surprise" was born.

Vonna has already posted great pictures on her blog. I just got a new digital camera (SonyDSLR-200) last week and definitely need a few lessons on how to stylize my photos. I've also had numerous problems trying to load pictures here on Blogger and getting them to be clickable so that you can see a close-up.

Thank you one and all for stopping by my blog. I treasure our stitcher's community here on the web and each of you that are part of it.