Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Myriad of Gifts from Arcadia Part 2

Hello fellow stitchers. I have finally made the move from Xanga to Blogger.

If you would like to see my old blog, it is located here.

The following pictures are a continuation, as promised, of the gifts given to me by my friend Arcadia from France.
This is a cute doll (Isn't she adorable?) and a little rooster that I received. The tray in the background was Arcadia's first work of the art of Cartonnage. The tray came packed with tea, coffee, French baked goods, and other yummies.

I have a penchant for French needlework magazines. I am incredibly fortunate to have a friend like Arcadia. She has spoiled me silly with so many wonderful magazines. I cannot read French, but fortunately, cross-stitch charts need no interpretation.

These are some cute needlework racks. Arcadia sent just the right things because I have a love for chickens!

Of all Arcadia's gifts, this one is my favorite. It's not actually one whole pattern. She took hens from different patterns and combined them herself! Très magnifique!