Sunday, September 04, 2011

I Am Still Here

I found out a few days before my 49th birthday (May) that I have Hodgkin's Lymphoma. After trying to figure out what was causing my symptoms, the doctor finally ordered a CT scan and it revealed that I have a mediastinal tumor in my chest. One of the lymph nodes in that area had become cancerous.

I have been undergoing chemotherapy every two weeks since the end of May. I have five more infusions left and then I will have radiation.

This week I finally got a wig. Up until now, I was able to hide my thinning hair with a headband but it has progressed past that point. I will leave you with some pictures that my daughter took of me out in our backyard, yesterday.

Thank you to those of you who have contacted me during my absence. Your kindness means a great deal to me. It is always nice when people think of you, but at this difficult time it has been even more special to me.