Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catching A Glimpse of Santa

I remember when Thanksgiving Day marked the arrival of Santa. Do you remember waiting for him to make his grand appearance at the end of the Thanksgiving Day parade? I do, and I feel a pang of sadness that everything has changed so much for the children of today. The anticipation made it all the more special.

I came home last week to a package on my doorstep. What a wonderful surprise to receive something from a friend when you had no idea that she was sending anything. Nicola had put together a lovely gift package for me that contained a beautiful calendar of a delightful destination that she and her husband enjoy visiting frequently. She also enclosed the ornament that I am sharing with you here. Isn't it just lovely? I am thrilled with it but even more so to have Nicola as a friend.

Thank you so much for stopping to visit with me. I appreciate your friendship. I wish all of you in the U.S. a very Blessed Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pac Man Does It Again!

We are celebrating the 8th world title of Manny Pacquiao in last night's fight against Margarito. My husband is a big boxing fan and the fact that he is Filipino makes him a HUGE Manny Pacquiao fan.

When we were in the Philippines late this summer, we had an opportunity to meet Pacquiao at the founder's day celebration of my husband's alma mater in Dumaguete City on the island of Negros. Andrea was really thrilled to be able to get his autograph and pose with him in a picture. I got to shake his hand.

You would definitely not assume that he is a world-class fighter just by looking at him. He is quite small but as showed his opponent last night; looks can be deceiving.

Thanks for stopping by. I should have some stitching to share soon.