Friday, August 01, 2008

Zach Turns 7

Today is Zach's (our whippet) 7th birthday! My daughter Andrea baked special birthday cakes, using a dog-friendly recipe, for him. She found the recipe for the Peanut Butter Delight Cake online.

Zach resting on the morning of his birthday.

While the cakes were in the oven, Owen, our greyhound, trotted into the kitchen with his nose raised high. He was very curious as to where the delicious smell was coming from. He paced back and forth in front of the oven, excitedly, until he was shooed away by Andrea, who reassured him he would get a taste of the treats later on.

After the cakes were done baking, Andrea garnished her creations like any good pastry chef. The cake on the blue plate was for the birthday boy Zach, and the cake on the green plate went to Owen.

The dogs ate the cakes outside in the backyard in order to prevent a big mess. Owen instantly gobbled down his share while Zach daintily savored his culinary delight.

It was fun to watch them enjoy their treats so much. :) Even better, there are left-overs that will be enjoyed again with as much excitement as the first time.

Zach licking his crumb-laden chops.


mercy said...

What awesome looking dogs and Zach's collar is just beautiful! Mind if I ask where you got it from? I love it when my dog comes into the kitchen with her snoot in the air sniffing rapidly...I celebrate her birthday too but never made her a cake. I may have to try it next year :-) Happy Birthday Zach!

Julie said...

Beautiful dogs, Happy Birthday Zach, that cakes looks yummy!

Love the new header pic on here Julieanne and the music was nice too

Enjoy your weekend

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Well happy birthday Zach! You are a very handsome boy. That was yummy birthday cake I can tell! Hope mommy gives you a scratch for me!

Sandra Ree said...

Oh I love Zach! Beautiful, sweet baby. How wonderful that you actually baked him a birthday cake that wouldn't hurt him if he ate it, and thanks to your daughter for the link to the dog-friendly recipe!

Love the header, Julianne, and LOVE your music. Every single song. :D

Marie-P said...

Oh how I love "dog-lovers" :) How very thoughtful to bake a cake, I have not done that...yet. Happy birthday to Zach ~ both of your dogs are beautiful.

BTW I love the remodel on your blog, nice job!

Sharon said...

How cool is that? Happy belated Birthday Zach! Those cakes were such a great idea!